The following is a great blog post from one of my staging colleagues and mentors (Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist) about the power of color. Cheers!


I’ve been saying it for years now – the right staging colors increase the sales price of homes on the market. I believe it and have built my business on it!


right staging colors

Tomorrow is the first day of the Expert Psychological Stager™ certification course that I developed after a decade of staging homes to sell quickly and for top dollar. After this weekend, that will make over 130 home stagers that have trained under me in my unique method of Psychological Staging. Our course offers the most specific and proven paint color instruction for staging in the business. I say that with all confidence, because IT’S TRUTH.

Last year, a well-known home stager publicly said something like:  “Anyone can do paint color – all you have to do is choose one of the paint company’s Color of the Year and you’re good.” I probably shouldn’t put that in quotes, but that’s the gist of what she stated regard to the need (or lack thereof) of color instruction for staging. Wow, is she ever underestimating the power of staging colors!

Zillow just put out a study that confirms what I’ve known all along – the right paint colors increase sales prices of homes. Zillow’s 2017 Paint Color Analysis looked at more than 32,000 photos from sold homes around the country to see how certain paint colors impacted their sale price on average. You can read all about the particulars here, but these are some high points:



Houses with bathrooms painted light blue sell for more (over 5K!), while those painted white sell for less (-4K).

Houses with dining rooms painted gray-blue or dark blue sell for more (+2K), while those with red walls sell for less (-2K).


color design by The Decorologist

Houses with living rooms painted beige or oatmeal (greige) sell for more (+1.8K), while those painted blue sell for less (-800).

Houses with kitchens that are soft blue or gray-blue sell for more (+1.8K), while houses with yellow kitchens sell for less (-800).


color design by the decorologist

color design by The Decorologist

Exteriors painted greige sell for more (+1.5K), while those painted taupe or brown sell for less (-2K).


I know what you’re thinking: WHICH light blue? WHICH greige? etc. There are millions of colors to choose from, but I teach my EPS™ stagers EXACTLY which staging colors to use and where to use them.

As you might imagine, I’m both excited and anxious to meet the 15 women in our sold-out training course! We will be staging a historic bed-n-breakfast near Music Row in Nashville, and it’s going to be amazing. Just look at this beauty!


Yes, the exterior is a dream, but the interior has some challenges for us to face. But we are up for the challenge!!! The September EPS™ course already has 5 people signed up (the class maximum is 15). It’ll be our last one for 2017, so be sure to secure your spot soon if you want to join this elite group of home stagers with all the paint color knowledge needed to sell homes for more money!