Problem with Staging…Virtually

Want to sell your home quickly and attract more potential buyers?

Staging your home is the answer.

There is real Home Staging and there is Virtual Staging.

Virtual staging is a type of home staging in which you can add or remove furniture digitally for the benefit of online marketing so that home buyers will be interested in visiting the home in person.

The images of furniture and decor are not real, the property is not truly staged, rather the images of furniture are “photo shopped” in.

Virtual staging has its perks.

Many homeowners choose it when their home is already empty because it often costs less than actual physical staging.

You don’t need a stager to rent or buy furniture or accessories, and virtual staging has come a long way and looks great on listings.


You can hardly tell it is a virtually staged image.


You may even get an increase in showings after virtually staged photos are posted, which is great… right?


Here is the problem:

Virtual staging can get people in the door, but once inside, they are always disappointed as they look at the empty rooms, and not the gorgeous- staged ones they saw online.


Here is an example of this problem we recently encountered.


This super cool renovated home in NuLu was virtually staged. Looks pretty great.

But in reality, it was empty.

Even though buyers showed interest in it from its online presence and toured the home… it sat… and sat… and sat for months… empty, with no offers.


Then Living Spaces by Lyn stepped in.

We had an Initial Consultation with the realtor, assessed what furniture and accessories

were needed to properly stage the home, and set up the furniture delivery and

actual physical staging by our Expert Stagers.

The home sold within 3 days of staging. That’s right, 3 days.


Don’t disappoint your potential buyers with Virtual Staging, instead WOW them with

the awesomeness of your home, when properly staged.


Buyers need to experience a real staged house with real furnishings and décor to have a real emotional connection to a home

and cause them to want them to make it their own.




Problem solved.