Outdoor entertaining? Outdoor family time? Outdoor office?

A special place I have enjoyed during these days of the coronavirus is the outdoors. I walk the dog. I hike. I have a porch and take advantage of it. I have Zoom meetings with people who are sitting on their patio.

With cooler weather and vivid colors, autumn is a magical time. Done properly, that outdoor living space of yours can be comfortably enjoyed well into the cool weather.

I strive to make every home reflect the people who live there. That extends to patios, porches, and decks. There are ways that I can help you stretch these wonderful times of outdoor living to the fullest despite cool weather.

Here is how I can help you.

  • As the days get shorter and cooler, you first need warmth. That can mean a fireplace or a fire pit. Or it can mean less pricy options such as a propane fueled patio heater, a fire pot, or a chimenea. A properly placed windscreen or curtain can deflect breezes that might otherwise drive you indoors. Plug-in mats used to melt ice and snow on walkways can warm your guests’ feet. Hide them under outdoor rugs that match the rest of your décor. Radiant heat panels that compliment the area can be hung on the walls. Making your space look great is part of what Living Spaces does!
  • Think about the right furniture. Furniture that is great for lounging around the pool is not necessarily comfortable and warm in cool weather. The cushions can be made warm. The fabric makes a difference. There are other options including chairs and settees that plug in and warm up. Cast stone seating is available in simple organic shapes that heats up and warms you while you sit.
  • Once you have the right furniture in place, what do you do? Accessorize! Think warm, thick, creamy, woolen throws. Sheepskin. Faux or otherwise. How about heated stadium pillows?  Slipcovers help the way they look. All of these can be properly matched to the décor you want.
  • Lighting is important. While I suggested above that people could maintain an outdoor office into the fall, once the sun goes down, the type of lighting required changes. Put away the computer, the phone and turn on the lights. It is that special time for you, your family, and your guests.
    Lighting is the key to setting the mood. I like softer, warmer lighting in the evenings. It goes with the fire in the fireplace. Light candles. Simple LED lamps add a glow to a dark corner.

Let me come talk with you. We will discuss how you want to live in your outdoor spaces. We will plan on how to make the space reflect the best, most interesting version of you. Then I can do it for you.

I can help you extend your outdoor season in a truly memorable, beautiful fashion.