Are You Planning to Stay?

“Aging in Place” can have a negative connotation. As can “Golden Years.” But not with Living Spaces by Lyn. Why?

Go back to my favorite quote.

“I want every home to reflect the best most interesting version of the people who live there.” – Frances Merrill

Nothing in that quote reflects any age. It is timeless. Now. Or later. Young or old. It describes how I want to make your home reflect the best of YOU. Always.

So, when someone tells me, “I want to live in my home for a long time to come,” it reflects their desire to maintain an absolute reflection of who they are. I know how to do that. For any of life’s stages, I can do that.

We’re all different. And we change as time goes by. We may not feel what speaks to us today in the way of art or convenience or décor will be the same as what speaks to us in the time to come. As human beings, we change and adapt. Our surroundings need to change and adapt with us.

My goal is to help your surroundings change and adapt with you. Based on you. On who you are, on who you become and on how you see yourself. On the “best, most interesting version” of you. You know what that is? It’s called “freedom.”

When someone is just starting out in life, orange crates for tables and hand-me-down furniture may be just fine. Once you get a foothold in life, you may decide you want different styles, colors and permanence. Fast forward a few years. The kids are grown, grand kids are a wonderful factor and the way you see your surroundings will change. Simplicity and convenience may be attractive, desirable concepts. There are ways you can maintain an acceptable level of freedom. But you don’t want empty rooms or placid environments. There are ways to simplify while retaining immense beauty and grace in your surroundings. I can show you how.

As with our family, careers and finances, planning makes a lot of sense. It’s not something that begins when we’re forced to decide. Planning is an exciting way of looking into the future. An exciting way to be ready for what comes. An exciting way to be relaxed as life progresses. You have the freedom to be you.

Let’s talk. I can help. I can help your home “reflect the best most interesting version” of you. Whatever your stage in life. Whatever your goals. Whatever your needs.