“I moved into the home of my dreams—lots of light and high ceilings. Having known Lyn for decades, I asked her to come over and help me with my decorating. I turned over all my artwork and travel memorabilia, which had been collected over my lifetime, and just asked her to “arrange it.” I particularly was stumped by the hall powder room; everything I attempted looked too contrived. Lyn suggested that she hang my entire collection of Russian artifacts and paintings. She had several pictures reframed and intermixed the pictures with sconces holding the artifacts. It’s a Wow! Also she selected most of the colors for the different rooms as I had some favorites I wanted to use again. Everyone has commented on the colors, the arrangements on the shelves, and the art on the walls. Then they pay Lyn the biggest compliment; they ask, “Did you do this all by yourself?” The last thing I wanted my home to reflect was the skill of a decorator. I wanted my personality to be revealed in my home decor and Lyn achieved that. Yes, I do confess and give her the credit.”

– Kathy G. / Nashville, TN