Why is Home Staging necessary even in a sellers market…

  • Staging is visual merchandising for your home, and 85% of buyers say photos are the most important factor in picking the homes they tour.
  • Staged homes sell 73% faster than empty homes. Professional Staging is recommended over Virtual Staging because buyers may feel “tricked” when the home doesn’t look the same as in the online photos.
  • Staging highlights the most impressive features of your home and hides any flaws and helps the buyer to feel an instant connection to the home.
  • Staging results in higher sales prices, stiffer competition, and increased bidding wars.

because Home Staging works!

The value of Home Staging is to help the seller achieve the highest sales price in the quickest amount of time.

How will staging improve my home’s marketing?

See for yourself in our before and after photos

of homes we staged to sell!


Added furniture

Rearranged furniture

Inexpensive updates such as color changes

The average buyer is not a professional designer, so having your home fully staged allows them to envision how each space could function for them, and picture their family in each space.