What IS that smell?!

I cover a lot of territory during my day-to-day. Checking progress on houses that I’m helping to renovate. Reviewing homes that are in the process of being staged. Meeting new clients. Going by a store to check on fabrics, wallpaper or furnishings for a project. Those trips carry me back and forth across our entire community.


Because I work with so many Realtors, I’m constantly noticing For Sale signs in front yards. And, because I may travel the same route multiple times, I notice the fresh signs when they pop up on a new listing. I also notice the signs that linger when the property doesn’t sell.


There are many reasons a house stays on the market month after month. Price can be a factor. Marketing can be one. Location can be a reason. Some reasons are both difficult to determine and equally difficult to remedy.


Recently, I ran across an article that details some reasons a house might be lingering on the market. And most of these reasons can be easily pin-pointed and remedied.

Home not selling? Here are 10 ways you’re turning off prospective buyers.


Take a read. And, if your home is in this “lingering” category, talk to your Realtor. And give me a call.


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