Kitchen Trends – First Question. What is important to you? 

I renovate a lot of kitchens for clients. We discuss what they don’t like about the old kitchen. That leads to a discussion describing their dream kitchen. Colors, counter-tops, appliances, cabinet styles and layout become part of the conversation. So does the question about how they plan to live in their new kitchen.


Recently, I came across an article by Michelle Slatalla in the WSJ. She writes, “Why Kitchen Islands Are Ruining America’s Kitchens.”


“Ruining” is strong language. I don’t agree with that, especially since islands are, in my experience, a very popular item in the kitchens I work on. My kitchen has an island.


But there are also kitchens I’ve designed as well as those of friends’ that don’t have an island. They use a kitchen table. And some kitchens have both an island and a kitchen table.


As with all rooms, I renovate kitchens for people that encompass any number of trends, old and new. Why? Because I make the kitchen what my clients want it to be. Remember one of my favorite quotes?


“I want every home to reflect the best most interesting version of the people who live there.” – Frances Merrill. You read that quote whenever you go to my website. It guides my way of seeing, my way of designing and my way of renovating. It guides my way of serving you.


Are you thinking that it’s time for your kitchen to “better reflect the best most interesting version” of you? Let’s pull up a chair, a cup of coffee and talk about your dreams. Give me a call.

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